Fix: Lost the Plot

Fix: Lost the Plot


No ending in sight? Characters standing around with nothing to do?
You might have a case of Lost Plot…but I can help get you back on track!

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This fix is for a story that’s just not working. I’ll help diagnose the problem and provide some high-level guidance to get you back on track.

Here’s how it works: you submit a description of your plot and where it went wrong, and answer a few questions. We talk out the answer for 15 minutes over the phone or video chat (or 30 minutes via facebook messenger/google hangouts/slack). I’ll do my best to give you a solution (or two) that’s both practical and implementable, working with the information you provide.

Includes: 15 minutes of consultation time (phone or video chat).
Additional consultation time available at $25/hour (30-minute minimum).