Daniel will definitely be my first stop prior to submitting to any publisher.
— Samuel E. Greene

Happy Reforge Clients


Jules Whitney


For a little over three years, I participated in a speculative fiction writing workshop run by Daniel where I received feedback from him on two full novel drafts, a season arc of a television show, and numerous shorter works. Whether Daniel is commenting on the more micro elements of fiction or on character arcs that span volumes, his broad knowledge of speculative fiction allows him to provide feedback that not only helps your particular project but also improves you as a writer. In his feedback, Daniel would frequently provide examples of works that demonstrated good solutions to the issue he'd identified or a podcast or two on the specific subject matter.

Daniel is also always professional and very pleasant to work with. He understands how to thread the sometimes difficult needle of balancing encouragement with necessary critical feedback. Daniel never shies away from difficult feedback that is necessary for helping your story. However, his goal is always clearly to help you improve. He also does a good job of pointing out potential issues and will brainstorm with you while still allowing you the freedom to come up with the final solution.



Michael Gale


Dan's editing sharpened the work while also heightening my craft as a writer. The high-level analysis on the work also provided an unexpected depth to the editing process. Dan makes you think beyond the words on the page.

Working with Dan has helped my struggles with structure and plot while also building confidence in my prose and conceptualization. My writing is more to the point: get the reader where they need to be and when. Dan gets it, he just does. Working with him is a pleasure and he always has the client’s best interest at heart.



Samuel E. Greene

I worked with Daniel prior to his independent editing days and always found his feedback helpful, not to mention, he was really the glue that kept a small writing group together.

I asked Daniel to edit a portion of a manuscript that I intend to use as part of a workshop application and found his edits and chat sessions incredibly helpful in pointing out the strengths of my writing and how to utilize them more effectively as well as very thorough line-by-line edits. Daniel helped me bring the elements forward from my story, and he was fully invested in my story. In other words, he was excited about my writing. Daniel will definitely be my first stop prior to submitting to any publisher as I complete the entire manuscript.



Jack Passananti

I went with the Unhelpful Outline fix because I knew something was missing from the outline I'd come up with; Dan added suggestions that felt organic to the story and smoothed over the rough edges.

While details will change as the story progresses, I feel I have a strong base to build from & will definitely come to Reforge for other services as the book takes shape.



Matt Bond

Dan is a pleasure to work with. He's very intuitive about how to take a story in the right direction and does not fail to work with you until you are happy with the finished product. I will be using his services again.